Corporate identity must be supported effectively and accurately through all its forms of communication.

Solution for Coordinated Brand Identity

National or International companies with networks of agencies, branchesor franchises, need to govern their communications on all active channels to safeguard the Brand’s corporate identity.

4BRANDCARE allows:

  • the creation of a unique marketing database, containing multi-channel communication guidelines and materials that are dynamic and always up to date
  • the customisation of the materials at the local level, based on the needs of the territory or country
  • the management of the entire workflow of the publication, with appropriate validation steps
  • greater autonomy of the country or the subsidiary in the management of their communications
  • the supervision of the marketing centrally, ensuring the effective monitoring of communication across the territory



Salvaguardia della corporate
preservation and strengthening of the company's corporate and product brand identity, through the centralised management of communications

a central overview of all communication activities in the territories or countries

optimisation of processes and workflows, resulting in reduced cost and time, thanks to the greater efficiency of the local multi-channel communication

higher quality of communication in the territory or country thanks to analysis of the effectiveness of the marketing efforts