Software to create and manage dynamic, open sites, in which content can evolve and change frequently.

eTEAM CMS, the Content Management System platform

A web solution for creating and managing dynamic e-commerce sites, content that can grow and change frequently, without informatic knowledge

The content management system of eTEAM has enabled non-experts in web codes and languages, to create websites and to update the pages of the company  easily.

It is a CMS that integrates several options, such as filling modules, photo gallery, forms of payment, parts of the site booked, downloading of documents and more:

  • the administrator, who selects authors and publishers, and assigns them work areas
  • the author, who places the contents (texts, images, video) in his / her area of competence,
  • the publisher, who accepts, modifies, refuses, schedules the publication of approved pages

To make complex web projects, the choice of a content management system is essential and can make a difference.

The CMS based on eTEAM is fully integrated with the other platform modules: DAM, PIM, DMS, CRM. This virtuous integration has enabled the development of customized solutions according to customer needs.
Each solution was integrated into the organization of the company, automated processes, guided growth and supported marketing and communication activities.

The high level of customization makes it possible to adopt a solution that fully meets your own needs. Independently manage the content of your communication on different media, launch web and digital marketing campaigns and improve your business strategies.

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workflows with separate role management for users

Univocità contenuti
several graphical models for the presentation of content (lay-out)

database for research, use and storage of images and textual and graphical contents

integration with content from other computer systems

management of mailing and messaging lists

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