To automate the process of dialogue with the Customer and make the most of its digital assets.

A Platform to Customer Relationship Management

Customer Relationship Management, to automate the process of dialogue with the customer, to fidelize and make the most of its digital assets.

Investing in the relationship with the client means investing in the future of the company.
The process of creating and maintaining relationships with clients is identified as Customer Relationship Management, and specializes in harvesting and using information assets to create marketing strategies.

The software that we have developed allows to innovate the management processes of the company, the marketing and commercial relations, until the interaction with the users with dynamic surveys, newsletter, e-mail, sms-mms, etc.

The CRM based on eTEAM is fully integrated with the other platform modules: DAM, PIM, DMS, CMS. This virtuous integration has enabled the development of customized solutions according to customer needs.
Each solution was integrated into the organization of the company, automated processes, guided growth and supported marketing and communication activities.

The high level of customization makes it possible to adopt a solution that fully meets your own needs. Independently manage the content of your communication on different media, launch web and digital marketing campaigns and improve your business strategies.

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 automated workflows
 in-depth knowledge of clients and prospects
 increased customer satisfaction and loyalty
 profiling of offers on specific targets
 real analysis on the results of each share (ROI)

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