It is the system that protects all your digital heritage, the true support for the flow of communication and multi-channel sales of the company.

eTEAM DAM, the Digital Asset Management platform

Managing and archiving images, documents, files of any kind will become an increasingly important task. These files will have a real value only when they are digitized, indexed and therefore searchable and accessible for everyone, in the correct format and at the time you need it.
is a software that helps the company optimize the value of its own digital data. A stock of multimedia documents located in a secure and managed environment through a guided and controlled workflow.

It interfaces with all computer systems, manages all types of files, is multilingual and configurable according to customer needs and able to follow several processes.

The DAM based on eTEAM is fully integrated with the other platform modules: PIM, DMS, CMS, CRM. This virtuous integration has enabled the development of customized solutions according to customer needs.
Each solution was integrated into the organization of the company, automated processes, guided growth and supported marketing and communication activities.

The high level of customization makes it possible to adopt a solution that fully meets your own needs. Independently manage the content of your communication on different media, launch web and digital marketing campaigns and improve your business strategies.

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Flussi di gestione
full control of management flows

Univocità contenuti
uniqueness, security, certainty of content

great attention to the brand, by channel and by publication

Risparmio tempi e costi
save time and reduce errors

continuous performance monitoring

system warranty and security

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