Navigation via mobile devices has outrun navigation via PC.

App & Mobile: New Forms of Communication

The boom in mobile devices has accelerated change and has led to the creation of new forms of communication and entertainment. Communication is ever more intense as customers are continually online wherever they are, at any time of the day, using apps to learn and to get information.  Even Google favours mobile sites in search results!

We do not limit ourselves to responsive sites, we propose specific solutions dedicated to MOBILE DEVICES, APPS, WEBAPPS and INTERACTIVE CATALOGUES, which can minimise the distance between you and your clients.

Through the use of our eTEAM solution, we create made-to-measure APPS for:

  • publishing catalogues and brochures dynamically
  • managing your sales network
  • configuring products
  • managing resources and services

Because it's right to be on the road, but you have to be in the right way.