Our competitor is no longer simply the shop on the other side of the road or the shopping centre on the outskirts of the city.

Website strategy: fully managed with eTEAM

“Our rivals are all over the world, and the whole world can be ours. The website is a presentation which is permanently visible, it can become an e-commerce point and sell our products online. It can be enhanced with intranet, reserved areas, and extranet, to maintain constant communication with foreign branches. It is not a static page, uploaded and left out to dry. It is maintained, updated, and enhanced with words and images which are suitable for online use.”

To meet these requirements, we create our websites with the  eTEAM proprietary system. 
Therefore you can:

  • have a website which is dynamically connected to your written content and your assets (images and videos), and continually updated
  • modify all content directly and simply via eTEAM’s UX interface
  • manage all registered users, create clusters and activate profiled campaigns
  • constantly monitor your website’s performance
  • improve the performance of search engine optimisation (SEO) oriented text
  • connect eTEAM with external software to respond to optimisation requirements in content management, mainframes, customer relationship management (CRM), plus the importing and exporting of files via web services

eTEAM features enable the government of the entire e-commerce system: capable of delivering innovative services to consumers, increasing purchasing opportunities, optimising logistics and improving customer service.
The management of assortments, prices and promotions, orders and processes are automated at all levels, with continuous monitoring and alerts for all events.
Implementation in shops is deployed with geo-location content, pricing and promotions.
Orders are automatically processed, aggregated, routed and prepared for delivery with logistic optimisation, all tailored to the customer’s specific needs.

All of this with the collaboration of our experts in creativity, web and digital marketing, SEO, search engine marketing (SEM) and search engine advertising (SEA).  A team ready to satisfy your need to communicate and promote your brand, and make it grow.