The solution for packaging and for the multilingual management of product data sheets, as well as labels for food, pharmaceutical, cosmetics or any other industry that uses packaging.

Global solution for packaging

The solution is aimed at those who work daily to create, manage, control, amend orapprove the packaging. Typically, internal company and co-ordinating functions, such as Marketing, Technical Services, Legal and the graphics department, but also external functions such as creative agencies, pre-press companies and printers.

The solution allows the management of the packaging process, as an essential value to maintain, manage and preserve.

It allows you to manage packaging files that are always up to date, optimising the entire workflow and creating archives automatically.

It reduces production time, errors and processing costs through centralised management of the information.


Flussi di gestione
workflow improvement and archiving

high quality and security of data using a unique certified source


efficient information sharing

Archivio automatico
automatic digital archive always up to date

Riduzione errori
minimisation of errors

data available simultaneously for paper and web

time-to-market optimisation

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