Automatic and dynamic layout systems

With software and web solutions, catalogs, flyers, technical manuals and price lists can be automatically paginated.

The automatic layout systems allow significant savings on the costs of creating a catalog of footwear, an electronic product catalog, a clothing catalog but also for the production of a price list, the layout of a flyer or a magazine of economic Ads.

In other words, there are software that allow you to automatically paginate everything that is composed of a name, a description, an extended text, a table, one or more images ...

4 Flying has developed eTEAM, a communication solution that includes an automatic layout system.

eTEAM allows:

  • significant cost savings, since the cost of pagination, compared to manual, is reduced by 90%
  • a saving of time, as the layout work takes a few hours and not weeks or months
  • greater precision, because the automated workflow guarantees the absence of errors
  • ease of updating, since just an internet connection is enough to click and update the entire catalog or a single data.
  • a "unique" personalization, because the template is made to measure, according to the needs, history, taste and sensitivity of the customer
  • ease of use, as no computer or graphic skills are required
  • a multi-channel strategy, to reproduce a part or the same correct contents on the various devices, with specific methods of use

Creating a product catalog or a price list and keeping it up to date is a demanding activity that involves different figures within the company and can put pressure on even the most close-knit teams. This is due to the fact that each editorial project, from the price list to the complete catalog, is made up of different phases, revision cycles that can be repeated numerous times and often, correcting one error if another is produced.

eTEAM overcomes these problems and improves team collaboration, in fact:

  • graphic department or the external agency creates the layout, chooses the style and images
  • marketing, within the database, enriches the product descriptions and changes the attributes of the items
  • sales department imports the updated prices
  • everyone can view the working status, insert notes, give approvals, in any place and with any device capable of surfing the web

Automatic layout of catalogs and technical manuals, from the simplest to the most complex, is possible! 4 Flying has created and customized automatic layout systems for important companies in every sector and for the Public Administration.

Contact us if you want more information on how to paginate automatically without penalizing aesthetic appeal.