It is a tool that can centrally manage and organize all product information.

eTEAM PIM, the Product Information Management platform

It is a web platform that can centrally manage and organize all product information, and then make it available for all kind of communication

In all companies, data is strategic. Through our management tools, product information sheets (PIMs) can centralize product information and then make it available uniformly to the various departments (marketing department, sales department, production department, etc.). Each product information is included in a single archive. Thus, the efficiency is guaranteed, the data checked and certified.

Our Product Information Management (PIM) software enables marketing and sales to quickly and accurately capture information in the different distribution channels: printed catalogs, websites, e-commerce, and ERP. It allows you to customize information for different product categories, prices, descriptions and translations.

The PIM based on eTEAM is fully integrated with the other platform modules: DAM, DMS, CMS, CRM. This virtuous integration has enabled the development of customized solutions according to customer needs.
Each solution was integrated into the organization of the company, automated processes, guided growth and supported marketing and communication activities.

The high level of customization makes it possible to adopt a solution that fully meets your own needs. Independently manage the content of your communication on different media, launch web and digital marketing campaigns and improve your business strategies.

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Flussi di gestione
cost reduction for catalogs, price lists, manuals
Univocità contenuti
uniqueness, security and certainty of content

continuously updated data

Risparmio tempi e costi
the only reference system of the company
garanzia e sicurezza system Warranty and Security

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