Case History: Despar


The central marketing office, manages approximately 1,700 private label products from hundreds of different suppliers.  They came to 4Flying to help them create a single solution for managing the entire process of creation and control, until the final approval of each individual pack, by involving all stakeholdersin a unique platform.


To meet the Despar Italia requirements, we suggested the implementation of 4PACK, the global solution for the management of content and the graphicsof the packagingpiece, based on our proprietary software  eTEAM and operational mode in SAAS via a simple web browser.
4PACK manages the processes of the pack, the whole workflow regarding timings, phases and validation tasks, involving the differentdepartments in a single work table:

  • marketing and packaging offices
  • quality control and legal departments
  • suppliers and companies involved in the translation process along with content control and validation

It also enables high levels of involvement by external suppliers such as creative agencies and printers who can nowupload and download the graphic files to speed up the process.
The 4PACK solution for Despar Italia, enables the control of the entire packaging workflow through customised dashboards.  It completes the creation of the packaging file archive with all the attached notes and the history of the different phases, resulting in a single official repository, fully owned by Despar Italia.

MARKET / GDO, Pharmaceuticals

SOLUTION & SERVICES / eTEAM , 4PACK , Hosting – Data farm – Cloud