Restart: let's do it together

Our contribution to emerge from the crisis of Covid-19
Our services and expertise are now on special offer RIPARTENZA: FACCIAMOLA INSIEME

In order to help those businesses affected by the recent crisis we are offering our services and expertise at discounted rates.


We remember the crisis of 2008 and its long-lasting effects, then all too soon we have ourselves facing an unprecedented event in this 2020.

Many businesses find themselves is difficult situations where drastic measures must be taken to account for losses in revenue.


How can we get out of this crisis?

With the adoption of new technologies and digital solutions.

Businesses across Europe are seeking digital solutions to streamline and automate activities to work flexibly and efficiently.


This year have further cemented our core belief that the business world can and should always help each other. We have always designed solutions for integrated communication alongside our clients, offering services and expertise to complete the picture.
To help businesses restart we are now offering our services at a discounted rate.


Digital publishing

We publish your flyer or catalogue online and make it interactive and surprising.

  • flipping book
  • online browsable
  • multimedia publications
  • mini websites


We layout and replicate your content in a variety of formats, from a simple flyer to a high quality book.

  • brochure
  • catalogue
  • price lists
  • publications

Photographic shots

We take professional shots in the studio for product catologues, advertising, still life, editorials.

  • product photos
  • compositions
  • still life
  • details

Photo retouching

We enhance your images to highlight the product and present it at its best, both on paper and on web platforms.

  • contour
  • cleaning
  • photo insertion
  • retouch


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