For the effective management of Point of Purchase (PoP) communication, arranging orders, deliveries and the display of in-store advertising campaigns.

Solution for Store Management System

4RETAIL PERFORMANCE it is the only Store Management System that co-ordinates advertising campaigns, and can measure the effectiveness of the PoPto improve effectiveness.
It requires no investment in hardware or software, and givesaccess to all involved participants such as the Marketing Manager, Visual Merchandiser, Area Manager, Store Manager, and agencies, with appropriate levels of permission.

It governs the mapping of stores and PoP, it displays the exhibition points, manages advertising campaigns, facilitates and organises support activities such as the ongoing reordering process and monitors performance through the online dashboard.


    Organizzazione per la gestione
    greater organisation and management of stands in the store

    optimised resource management, thanks to certified workflows that control the entire chain of demand

    effective performance measurement for continuous improvement

    time-saving and resource-management costs through configured workflow