Case History: Basko


The Basko’s e-commerce platform,  is a key part of instrument, at the base of his theironline business, for primarily for the impact it has on communication and distribution of the customer shopping. Basko then asked 4Flying, to develop an online marketing solution,withsolution, with maximum performance for end-use customers, rich inof promotional functionalities and easy to manage.
The solution must behad to be able to fit into the existing management and operational workflow, to minimizse the costs of order delivery of orders and maintain efficiency of the service.

Our solution was 4WEBSHOP, is a tool that has brought great benefits to Basko. It offers a wide range of products and extensive possibilities for order management:

  • it provides an efficient shopping experience, even via a telephone operator
  • It supports and optimises the logistics and the system:
    • of data flow with numerous automatic controls
    • of processes with operations tracking
    • of the preparation and fulfilment of the deliveries
  • It provides data and statistics to monitor and support a continuous analysis of:
    • trade and sales statistics
    • marketing statistics and customer profiling
    • visualisation statistics and pages navigation paths of the users
  • It offers specific tools for direct communication to customers, for DEM and loyalty marketing activities

MARKET / GDO, Retail

SOLUTION&SERVICE / eTEAM , 4WEBSHOP, Web Marketing, Communication Agency, Website, Mobile, Interactive communication, Hosting