Hospes Italy institutional video


To respond to the rapid changes in the market and the increasingly specific needs of customers, Hospes Italy has organized itself to offer complementary services at the base of which there is always quality.
Among the ongoing support activities for commercial offers, he requested the creation of an institutional video, with the aim of giving value to the company by showing its objectives, work team, philosophy and results obtained over time.
Furthermore, he requested five other videos in which to highlight the consulting activities on the nutritional aspect of nutrition.


After a first brief and the drafting of a document that summarized the objectives, the requests, the target of the project, 4 FLYING took care of the storyboard, screenplay and scenography of the videos and coordinated the filming, production and post production.
A mixed production technique was chosen: real shots enriched with animated graphics and infographics, in order to obtain a clean and clear narration.
For the use of the videos, it was preferred not to use the voice over and keep the background music, without excluding the possibility of subsequently sounding the videos in different languages.

MARKET / Industry, Corporations

SOLUTION & SERVICES/ Web Marketing, Communication agency