Case History: Vicenzi


The customer expressed the need to create a repository for their communication and marketing materials, and to optimise the creation and distribution of the contents themselves, in a multi-channel vision for their media.


We have worked with Vicenzi S.p.A. since 2009, the year in which we implemented the  eTEAM platform, initially by populating the digital asset management (DAM) part.
Over time, the image database, was complemented by the Product Information Management (PIM) tool, with the creation of product data sheets, for each of Vicenzi’s product.

Today 4PACK our solution for the global management of packaging, labels and product data sheets is active, through which:

  • artworks and the final packaging of all product lines, are managed up to date and ready to be sent to the printer
  • comprehensive product sheets of marketing and logistical information are managed, for the creation of the digital catalogue and web sites
  • the content data sheets that populate the packs are amended and updated in real time
  • the complete workflow of activities related to the creation of the packaging and product labels is controlled

MARKET / Industry, Retail

SOLUTION & SERVICES / eTEAM, 4PACK , Web Marketing, Website, Mobile, Hosting – Data farm – Cloud