Case History: Ikea


To engage a greater number of business customers, especially those that make use of technological devices, IKEA has chosen to present their own IKEA Business brochure in an online version.
It was decided to make versions for the web and mobile devices, to enrich the proposition with multimedia content and insert the ability to track the users' behaviour.


To create this online brochure, we used  4PUBLISH, our solution that allows the enrichment of the content with a series of animations and functionalities, making the communication more effective and more valuable.
Slideshows, pop ups, fading images, external links and videos,increase the value of the user experience. The user can also share products on social networks or print a personal brochure on paper.
Any edit, amendment or modification, including whole pages, can be done in real time.
With push-notifications, it is possible to communicate directly with the users in orderto keep the interest high for the publication, by inviting users to view promotions, events, news, content updates, etc.
The IKEA marketing department can access a dashboard to see user’sbehavioural statistics within the publication, right down to the details of a single click.

After the initial version for the Italian market we then produced versions for Denmark, Austria, Spain and some Arab Countries.
The multimedia publication is available on the online store.

MARKET /Retail, Industry

SOLUTION & SERVICES / 4PUBLISH, Interactive communication, Mobile