Product database and automatism for multi-channel publication

Gyproc Belgium

Gyproc Belgium, a company of the Saint-Gobain Group, is a global leader specializing in the production of gypsum products, especially gypsuym boards.


We have co-operated with Gyproc Belgium since 2006, so when they needed to create a targeted web strategy, optimised with integrated digital marketing actions, we were a natural partner.
As part of the project Gyproc asked us to maximise the processes of creation and distribution of technical and business productinformation, along with the creation of a “surfaces calculator”, designed for all DIY lovers wishing to calculate the quantity and cost of materials required for a project.


1. We designed a dynamic website, which was multi-lingual and multi-targeted towards three distinct navigation paths:

  • private enthusiasts or "DIY"

  • professionals "plasterers" of gypsum boards

  • other professionals

The site provides restricted areas with different content, according to the different targets.

2. Creation of a mobile version

3. Creating a loyal community, with more than 100,000 users

4. Planning of micro-marketing activities B2B and B2C, such as mailings,newsletters, customised DEM, landing pages and creation of online surveys.  Clusters management takes place within the eTEAM platform
5. Web application dedicated to the management and publication of all technical and commercial information regarding products and systems, interfaced with a legacy SAP system. It is an online platform where various departments work, each with their own profiles and assign permissions, for the management of technical, logistical, pricing and marketing information.It is a single source of data, used to create product and system data sheets, manuals and guides, price lists, with considerable advantages in terms of the minimisation of errors and duplications, plus time and cost savings.

6. The Surfaces Calculator is based on eTEAM software, and is already widely used in Gyproc’s websites.  It is based on user queries, and proposes the right specification and volume of materialsrequired to perform the work, along with the cost.
Additional tips help the handyman in the choice of products required to complete the work.
The system can also provide a printable list for subsequent in-store purchase.


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