Which is the best digital asset management on the market

4 Flying offers eTEAM, DAM software that meets the needs of digital management and archiving of images, videos and documents.

On the international market there are many digital asset management systems, some suitable for personal use, others dedicated to medium or large companies.

Our digital asset management softwarein use by national and international companies, communicates with all IT systems, manages all types of files, is multilingual, configurable to the customer's needs and capable of following multiple processes.

It is the ideal DAM software for the complexity of managing:

  • products, lines, versions
  • languages, countries
  • communication channels
  • control and coordination

It is the DAM software that brings safe advantages:

  • complete control of management flows
  • uniqueness and certainty of the contents
  • high brand care by channel and publication
  • saving time and reducing errors
  • continuous performance monitoring
  • system guarantee and security

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