Product Information Management

To collect and structure all your product information quickly, a good Product Information Management is the right solution.

Product Information Management is the integrated system for the centralized strategic management of the information and data contained in the product data sheet. It must ensure efficiency, data certainty and control.

PIM, or Product Information Management, collects product data from both internal sources (purchasing office and marketing office) or from external suppliers (agencies) by centralizing information and defining roles and management levels.

The structuring of the product sheet is a fundamental activity that requires the intervention of different business sectors for structures and methods.

To allow a deep and careful analysis of flows and resources, 4 Flying has developed specific solutions to adapt the eTEAM software to the various contexts related to multimedia communication, to the product, to e-Commerce, to Social Media.

4 Flying is therefore able to support the customer in this strategic activity and to structure the software in order to facilitate management among resources.

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