What is meant by multichannel communication?

The new ways of fruition have influenced communication in the Third Millennium.

Multichannel communication means the use of different communication channels (traditional and digital) to convey information and make it accessible to the user.

The choice to adopt multi-channel tools and strategies is due to the entry and diffusion of new media and new ways of using digital channels. In Italy more and more companies invest in new media and do it mainly for:

  • communicate to the new target audience, often young and digitally prepared
  • increase brand awareness
  • expand the market
  • involve the user more, seek his interaction

Among the companies that have engaged in innovation, in the search for adequate tools to manage this flow and effectively manage multi-channels, there are 4 Flying.

4 Flying has developed the eTEAM software, a valid IT solution to support marketing. It allows you to manage and use all available means - digital and non-digital - to reach different targets.

eTEAM is a single platform which includes three databases:

  1. one with PIM, DAM and CMS functionality, to manage and organize all product information and media assets of the entire communication and dynamically manage multi-channel publication according to established workflows.
  2. A CRM dedicated to the profiling of users connected to communication activities and aimed at micro-marketing.
  3. BI (Business Intelligence) dedicated to monitoring all activities carried out within eTEAM, through configurable widgets for controlling the main KPIs.

    eTEAM stands out for some features:

    • Centrality
      One solution to manage multichannel communication, to ensure efficiency, data certainty and control.
    • Flexibility
      It is an integrated and modular solution, modeled around customer needs, which can be activated over time in a scalable way, with high levels of customization.
    • Web based
      The architecture is web based: all functions, even the most complex, are accessible remotely with a simple browser. Features are linked to permission levels.
    • Workflow
      The modularity of the software allows you to set up customized workflows, with phase management, approvals, monitoring and data storage.
    • Security and safety
      It is based on a server farm designed to protect data and guarantee the activities of our customers.

    Developed to be customized, eTEAM allows a high level of customization for the individual company and for the market sector and facilitates multichannel communication activities.

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