What is a CRM

CRM, or Customer Relationship Management, is the fundamental tool capable of managing the relationship processes between customer and company. A software capable of operating on the basis of a database consisting of data and information relating to its customers.

CRM changes the approach to the market, it does not place the product but the customer at the center of the business. This is why it is an understatement to define CRM as a software since it is not simply about marketing or IT systems but it is an attitude that involves the company, its strategy, communication and then integration between business processes.

To understand what a CRM is, in addition to the technological architecture that makes it functional, three modes can be distinguished:

  • operating
  • analytical
  • collaborative

The operational CRM consists of customer-oriented activities:

  • back office for order management
  • supply chain support and transactions with the company's IT system
  • front office for the automation of the sales force and the automation of business marketing
  • mobile office activities to support agent activities

The analytical CRM indicates the data collection, analysis and study phase, to provide valuable inputs to management.

Collaborative CRM allows you to establish a personalized and profitable relationship with the customer through the available channels.

In essence, CRM is used by companies to identify and manage customer profiles, both acquired and potential, in order to develop activities and strategies that help to capture new customers and maximize profits on loyal customers.

In the eTEAM platform, 4 Flying has integrated the module that manages the profiling of internal users and BtoB and BtoC customers into its own. Acquires profiles through dynamic questionnaires, imports or links with external CRMs. Allows classification into clusters to carry out an incisive micro marketing activity.

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