DMS: Document Management System to manage document

A fundamental tool to manage the drafting, sharing and archiving of documents

How many times in the company do you have the impression of wasting a lot of time to recover a document, an information? According to the CIO newspaper, a reference point for IT managers, an employee spends an average of 38 minutes a day searching for a document.

To reduce this time, DMS, an acronym for Document Management System, a fundamental tool for managing the drafting, sharing and archiving of documents, comes in handy. The DMS represents the information assets of any business organization and is increasingly becoming a document management system.

The needs of companies in fact require you to free yourself from the paper and make sure that any document does not reside in the computer or desk of an individual but is immediately available, available for any use, easy to share or forward to other internal offices or to clients, suppliers, the law firm.

The regulations are also driving a rapid digital conversion of all documents. From March 2015 the obligation to issue electronic invoicing for the Public Administration was triggered and from 1 January 2017 the Ministry of Economy and Finance created the Exchange System (SDI), the tool for conveying invoices between supplier and customer also between private individuals.

The digitization of documents is now an irreversible process, for this reason the Document Management System can be seen as a brother of Digital Asset Management, whose focus is on managing the entire life of a document within an organization. It allows data storage, consultation and modification at any time via web access.

The implementation of a Document Management System allows companies to obtain various advantages because:

  • a unified methodology is adopted for the whole company, with approval and monitoring of the processes of circulation of information
  • increases the security of all information entered in the system
  • all documents can be integrated, shared on the network
  • efficiency increases, errors and delays decrease and consequently savings on management times and costs
  • an automatic archive of all documents produced or received by the company is created
  • allows you to create reports and approval workflows
  • verification of authenticity with electronic signature

The Document Management System created by 4 Flying dedicated to the development of digital solutions for marketing and multichannel communication, is integrated with the other modules of the platform: DAM, PIM, CMS, CRM. This virtuous integration has allowed the development of solutions shaped according to customer needs.

It allows you to create reports and approval workflows, access in folders to specific user groups, and also have many other functions that facilitate the life of all company departments.

The high level of customization allows you to adopt a Document Management System that fully meets your needs and independently manage the contents of your communication on the various media, launch web and digital marketing campaigns, improve your business strategies.

In a short time it is possible to activate the most efficient and complete Document Management System, without any need to modify the software or the company information system. Our DMS is in fact designed to integrate with external IT systems and business management software and will earn you 38 minutes every day, 12 hours a month, more than 16 working days per year!

If you want more information, consult eTEAM, the site where the Document Management System module is presented.