Digital Asset Management software, scalable and flexible

By Digital Asset Management (DAM) we mean a centralized archive for digital content such as: images, documents, audio, video and files in general.

Is it really necessary to have a Digital Asset Management?

If you are reading these lines it means that you have already asked yourself the question.

Yes, it is necessary for a company because the numerous digital documents that are created and exchanged every day must be managed correctly and efficiently. It must be possible to facilitate the search and selection of the right asset for each occasion and to keep track of the various versions of the document.

The advantages of a Digital Asset Management solution.

These are just some of the benefits deriving from the adoption of a Digital Asset Management system:

Centrality and cost reduction

  • Managing the entire digital document library provides vast advantages in terms of research and use compared to management on hard drives
  • Digital content is optimized and production costs are reduced

Access and distribution

  • Access and use is configured to measure and the user accesses with specific credentials and permissions
  • The distribution of digital content on the web is dynamic, immediate

Compliance and Brand Management

  • Guaranteeing and controlling access to data is a guarantee to ensure that assets are used and distributed according to the guidelines
  • Branches, agencies, employees, partners, customers and suppliers can access their files


  • Using Digital Asset Management as a database that integrates with corporate information systems and creative applications automates and speeds up workflow
  • Repetitive tasks and manual errors are eliminated
  • Improve workflow and collaboration

4Flying has developed eTEAM, a scalable and flexible Digital Asset Management solution, able to adapt to the needs of your organization and bring safe advantages:

  • complete control of management flows
  • uniqueness and certainty of the contents
  • high brand care by channel and publication
  • saving time and reducing errors
  • continuous performance monitoring
  • system guarantee and security

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