Digital Asset Management in Italy

4 Flying offers the DAM software that meets the needs of digital management and archiving of images, videos and documents and supports Brand Management.

Our digital asset management software communicates with all IT systems, manages all types of files, is multilingual, configurable to the customer's needs and capable of following multiple processes.

It's called eTEAM and here you can get an overview.

It is the ideal digital asset management software for the complexity of managing:

  • products, lines, versions
  • languages, countries
  • communication channels
  • control and coordination

It is the digital asset management software that brings secure advantages:

  • complete control of management flows
  • uniqueness and certainty of the contents
  • high brand care by channel and publication
  • saving time and reducing errors
  • continuous performance monitoring
  • system guarantee and security

Any content (text or image) uploaded in a digital asset management can be completed with the addition of metadata which describe and assign an additional value to the resource. In particular, eTEAM digital asset management interfaces with creative applications and in this way speeds up and automates the workflow, avoids duplication of content, facilitates the review and approval phase and in general improves the level of collaboration between all involved figures.

Who uses eTEAM or one of the solutions developed on this software? Here are some of our success stories.





Solution to manage the contents of multichannel communication in a coordinated way. It is managed centrally by Marketing Europe and allows the different countries to choose and customize, within the guidelines and according to the rules imposed by the central, the catalogs / brochures and other materials for their reference markets, according to a multi-country and distinct logic for each reference Brand. A true and complete Brand Management solution.

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Media HUB for branches, offices abroad and an extensive sales network. The new platform has optimized and integrated the functions of the previous one, enhancing the information of the assets already present. It has become the single and updated warehouse of the company, the place from which collaborators and branches around the world can draw with the certainty of finding the approved and usable version of any element.

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Web application dedicated to the management and publication of technical and commercial product information. It represents a single data source from which product and system data sheets, manuals and guides, price lists are created, with significant advantages in terms of reducing errors and duplications, reducing time and costs.

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4Pack solution to manage over 400 references in 52 countries. To manage the communication between the 21 collaborators, 4Pack has optimized the packaging review and update process. With 4Pack's Digital Asset Management, the customer has obtained full control of the printing plants and executives.

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4Retail solution to oversee the reordering, print management and distribution of advertising material on the entire network of stores. Furthermore, through the connection with the sales data, the shop managers are able to monitor the impact of in-store communication on the sales of the individual sales point.

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