Media hub for branches, foreign offices and an extensive sales network


The Smeg Group is internationally recognized as an excellence of Made in Italy, thanks to a corporate culture that attaches extreme attention to the quality, technological content and design of its products.
It has become an international group, present with direct branches in all continents and the headquarters has felt the need to coordinate the communication of the different countries, eliminating the strong diseconomies in the dispersive management of communication materials.


To complete and manage this transformation, it has become indispensable to transform all its images and contents into digital assets. Smeg already had a platform where employees and collaborators from each country accessed to download the materials of their competence, with constantly increasing access and users.

In the meantime, the diffusion of new means of communication has influenced the behavior and expectations of both customers and users of the platform. In fact, for each product, much more information and images are produced which are then adapted according to the different strategies, distribution channels, devices and type of customer.

All this made it necessary to implement a new Digital Asset Management, evolved under the practical, technological and UX aspects, capable of improving collaboration and communication within the group and with external suppliers.


The main effort in the development of the new Digital Asset Management was based on three guidelines:

  • Preservation of existing assets and related information.
  • Speed performance improvement, upload, download, share.
  • Strong graphic study and new navigation and graphics mode to facilitate the use of the platform.

The new SmegPix, called SMEG MEDIA HUB, based on the eTEAM DAM is optimized for the latest browsers and mobile mode. It features advanced search filters with different parameters, sharing of downloads, materials available in different formats, depending on the use. The graphic aspect and the methods of use of the contents are in line with the most established image databases.

It is currently used by almost 2000 users, the assets are around 180,000 and the daily accesses are hundreds.


  • The new platform has optimized and integrated the functions of the previous one, enhancing the information of the assets already present.
  • The software and assets reside on a high-performance server structure capable of supporting international traffic and large quantities of files.
  • The use of such an advanced Digital Asset Management platform allows you to manage the contents of the communication in a Lean way, eliminates repetitive activities and avoids the creation of duplicates.
  • The modularity of eTEAM and its main features allow integration with the company's digital management systems and in this sense an integration with PIM has been applied, in input and output.
  • ETEAM APIs allow SMEG partner companies to dynamically feed websites.
  • The activation of a CDN (Content Delivery Network) has made it possible to accelerate and optimize the distribution of high quality media content all over the world.
  • SMEG MEDIA HUB has become the single and updated warehouse of the company, the place from which collaborators and branches around the world can draw with the certainty of finding the approved and usable version of any element.

The consolidated collaboration with Smeg and the experience gained allow us to guarantee a competent and dedicated assistance team.

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