Cibus 2020

Cibus, the International Food Exhibition, a great showcase of international visibility with conferences and round tables on current topics in the Food and Retail sector.

Cibus is one of the most important events taking place at the Parma Fair.

It represents the reference event of the Italian agri-food industry, of the latest novelties and trends of the most sought after taste in the world.

Cibus has become a fixed biennial appointment, a great exhibition, a showcase of international visibility in which to create virtuous circles and opportunities in the food and retail sector.

The twentieth edition of Cibus will be held from 11 to 14 May 2020 at the Parma Fairs.


4 Flying has been collaborating with companies in the sector for years, implementing specific software and solutions that have brought considerable savings and greater efficiency. For companies in the Food & Beverage sector, it has developed 4Pack, a solution already in use by important companies such as:




Vicenzi Group is one of the main Italian pastry and bakery producers. He started with the main Product Information Management module, creating a central and integrated platform of all product information, right from the development phase. The next step was the integration with the Label and Artwork Management functionality: it extracts the information directly approved by PIM into the packaging artwork and thus allows you to insert texts and other modifications without the need for external resources. All this is supported by the functions of Digital Asset Management and Project Management, which facilitate and simplify the collaboration of internal and external teams in the management of work flows and actions during all phases of product development.

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Despar, one of the most important retail chains in Italy has revolutionized the process of managing product information and artwork. With the functionality of Digital Asset Management he has digitized the executive printing systems: artwork and labels are now structured and ordered according to the desired and set navigation tree. Access is secure and structured according to individual user permission levels. Thanks to the integration of the Project Management features, the workflow has been set up which organizes the entire work flow in the different phases.

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Alì S.p.A. over the years it has become a leader in the large-scale distribution market in Veneto and Emilia Romagna. With the Product Information Management module, he obtained a "single source of truth" relating to product information and packaging. The Project Management features guarantee complete traceability of all processes and new product developments, as well as control of the entire workflow through customized dashboards, alerts and notifications. The end result is the effective coordination of all internal and external actors in the process.

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Giovanni Rana is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of fresh pasta products, with over 400 references in 52 countries. To manage the communication between the 21 collaborators, 4Pack has optimized the packaging review and update process. With 4Pack's Digital Asset Management, the customer has obtained full control of the printing plants and executives.

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From product development, to specifications and data sheets, to packaging, smart-labels, sales-marketing communications and e-commerce ... discover all the features and benefits that 4Pack can bring to your company, ask for a demo.

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