The perfect solution for engaging and motivating through interactive publications.

Digital publishing with eTEAM

Solution to engage and thrill with interactive publications; From the InDesign used for printing, allows you to publish content on digital platforms.

eTEAM is the solution that manages print publications, web and mobile. It interacts with InDesign the graphics application through plug-in created by 4 Flying.

For printed publications, management toolsare provided through an efficient 'workflow monitor'. This gives the Administrator full control over the development of all publishing activities such as catalogues, leaflets, and packaging.  Identifying the progress of production and allowing the Administrator to act on critical issues at customised production and planning stages.

For web and mobile publications, it also allows an Administrator to manage the websites and APP.

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Contenuti interattivi
the file created for printing on paper is quickly adaptable to other media and can be enriched with interactive content

any modification, correction or modification, even entire pages, can be done in real time

multiplies the opportunities for consultation, ensuring enhanced user experience and excellentnavigation. Creating smooth integration between print media and web media in real time

statistics on user behaviour within the publication can be viewedwith a single click

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