Web-based loyalty platform


The Smeg Group is internationally recognized as an excellence of Made in Italy, thanks to a corporate culture that attaches extreme attention to the quality, technological content and design of its products. It has become an international group, present with direct branches in all continents and the headquarters has felt the need to coordinate the communication of the different countries, eliminating the strong diseconomies in the dispersive management of communication materials.


Smeg Italy has commissioned us for his US branch to create a web interface for the program called Smeg Loyalty Program.


Smeg Loyalty Program aimed at professionals, designers and architects. It allows them to receive incentives and bonuses for each product they specify in their projects. They also have a constant update on product news, events and special offers.

Through a dedicated section of SmegUsa website, professionals can register through a form and indicate the area they belong to:

  • Architect

  • Interior Designer

  • Kitchen Designer

A back-end area allows an employee to verify the registration and correctness of the data provided, as well as having a database and the possibility to export data.

MARKET / Industry, Corporations.

SOLUTION & SERVICES / eTEAM - PIM - DAM – CRM, Web Marketing, Communication agency.