Email is still one of the most effective tools of communication.

Digital Email Marketing: DEM and Landing Pages

The habit of checking email is ever more deeply-rooted in our daily lives, above all from smartphones or other mobile devices, and there are few other forms of media which offer such a high level of penetration and equally high levelsof usage.
In short, DEM is one of the best techniques for the encouragement of online purchasing and the increase of website traffic.

Compared to the traditional forms of paper mailing, it is cheaper and instant, easy to track and allows increased personalisation of the message. The relationship created with the addressee is more confidential and the user who chooses to subscribe to a newsletter will read the message with the right level of attention.

Working with email means exploiting one of the web's most efficient tools for building customer engagement and increasing sales. Therefore, many companies base their business on this form of promotion.
Through our eTEAM, we exploit automatic creation and sending of DEMs and Newsletters, with real-time monitoring of performance, banner clicks and user engagement actions.

Thanks to our creative and digital marketing teams, we offer our clients the creation of efficient DEM campaigns with landing pages studied according to agreed objectives.