Facilities, incentives and 2021 vouchers for the digital transformation of businesses

eTEAM and 4Pack software are among those eligible for the tax credit for investments in 'intangible assets' (software, systems and system integration, platforms and applications).

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The Covid-19 emergency has pushed many companies towards digital transformation and created a technology gap between those that have invested in research, development and innovation and those that have stood still.

What was once an opportunity has now become an obligation.

What used to be an opportunity has now become an obligation: companies that do not undertake this transformation will no longer be able to compete with the most open and innovative companies.

To meet the challenges of the digital economy, we have created a gap between companies that have invested in research, development and innovation and those that have not.

In order to meet this need, recent governments have included in their budget laws a series of concessions and incentives aimed at encouraging the digitisation of businesses, especially SMEs.

These incentives are aimed at encouraging the digitisation of businesses, especially SMEs.

The Ministry of Economic Development (MISE) has established which interventions can be financed in the sector of business digitisation.

Basically, business digitisation means the purchase of software, hardware and/or specialised services that make it possible to:

  • improve business efficiency
  • modernise the organisation of work, through the use of technological tools and forms of work flexibility, including teleworking
  • develop e-commerce solutions
  • take advantage of broadband and ultra-broadband connectivity or connection to the Internet via satellite technology
  • develop qualified staff training in the field of communication and information technologies

All these interventions will be eligible for deductions and benefits, with the aim of enabling Italian companies to compete vigorously in the national and international markets.

All these interventions will be eligible for deductions and benefits, with the aim of enabling Italian companies to compete vigorously in the national and international markets.

A benefits and incentives for the digitalisation of businesses

There are many facilities and each of them can be examined in depth on the MISE website. Let's see a summary of them:

Hyper-depreciation and super-depreciation

In order to encourage businesses to purchase (new) tangible and intangible capital goods functional to the technological and digital transformation of production processes, two institutes are provided for, which can be viewed on the MISE website.

Regarding the hyperamortisation, we talk about the "...supervaluation of 250% of investments in new tangible assets, devices and technologies aimed at favouring the transformation in key 4.0, both purchased and leased."

For the super-amortisation the super-valuation will be 130% for capital goods (new or leased).

For those who benefit from the hyper-amortisation there is the possibility of accessing a further super-valuation of 140%, this time for investments in intangible assets (software and IT systems).

Sabatini ter / Nuova Sabatini

This is a facility that comes into play when accessing credit "...to purchase or lease machinery, equipment, plant, capital goods for productive use and hardware, as well as software and digital technologies."

Training bonus 4.0

Serves as an incentive for companies to invest in staff training on the technologies known as enabling technologies that are relevant to the process of technological and digital transformation of companies as set out in the Impresa 4.0 National Plan. 

This consists of a tax credit of 40% of the expenses of employees involved in training up to a maximum of EUR 300,000 for each beneficiary.

The tax credit is intended for: 

  • All companies residing in Italy

  • Non-commercial entities carrying out commercial activities relevant to business income

  • Companies resident abroad with permanent establishments also in Italy.

Patent box for digitalisation of enterprises

This is a facilitated taxation scheme for income deriving from the use of copyright-protected software, industrial patents, designs and models, as well as processes, formulas and information relating to legally protectable industrial, commercial or scientific experience. 

Innovation Manager Voucher

This is a non-repayable contribution for the specialist advice of an innovation manager to a company. 

It is provided for the purchase of consultancy services aimed at financing innovation processes, technological and digital transformation, in order to evolve the company's management and organisational structures.

Research & development tax credit

This facility for business digitisation allows companies to receive a tax incentive consisting of a tax credit. It can be provided to all companies and is determined by an incremental calculation on the excess expenditure incurred.

Digitalisation Voucher

This is an incentive provided by the State to all small and medium-sized Italian enterprises registered with the relevant provincial CCIA, provided they are not involved in litigation, bankruptcy or insolvency proceedings. The aid can be up to 10,000 euros in the form of government vouchers for technological upgrading. It is a non-repayable incentive and can be used for the following purposes:

  • Purchase of hardware to renew the company technologically
  • Purchase of software, including management systems and operating systems
  • Training costs for staff
  • Purchase of e-commerce management systems
  • Support for technological adaptation

Transition 4.0

This is a national plan that provides facilities for Italian companies facing the challenge of Industry 4.0. The aid includes generic tax credits and tax credits for investments on innovation and design. 

Consult your accountant or business advisor. Your company may be eligible for a government grant and the 4Pack software, eTEAM, its solutions or services offered by 4 Flying, such as training, may be part of it.