The promotional flyer: paper and digital

Every year in Italy about 8,000,000,000 leaflets are put into circulation with the aim of communicating and advertising the offers of large-scale retail.

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The paper flyer, according to a Nielsen survey, is preferred for its clarity, completeness of information and usefulness. For about 64% of consumers is a promoter of purchase. Currently, the large organized distribution continues to invest in the printed flyer because its spread door to door effectively reaches the public and informs consumers about promotions.

According to a survey by, the web portal that catalogues and geolocates the main offers and promotions of large retailers, paper catalogues continue to represent an important item in the marketing budget. Supermarkets and hypermarkets occupy 66% of the 22,700 catalogues on the platform. Coop, Conad and Carrefour, thanks to their widespread presence in the territory, are the three most present chains in this sector. The fashion and footwear sector with 9%, information technology and electronics with 4.6% and perfumery with 4% follow.

The trend of the new paper flyers is that of:

  • show fewer products per page
  • increase the foliation
  • extend the duration of the promotion
  • attach discounts to products but also to fidelity customers
  • propose different content, not only related to the product

At the same time, the use of the mobile devices has made the digital flyer grow. There are 5 million Italians who leaf through the digital flyers and half of them do so exclusively through devices mobile.

Every day new apps and websites are born that compare prices and compete and everything suggests that in the future there will be a migration to the online because the digital natives grow and favor this medium and for companies there are some important advantages:

  • relatively low contact cost
  • targeted and geolocalized customizations
  • measuring the effectiveness of the campaign

It is clear that there must be an increasing integration between the two tools:

  • the digital flyer to ensure increasingly targeted segmentation, stimulate online sharing and provide retailers with a good analysis tool
  • the printed flyer to reach everyone, promote offers, generate interest, retain and maintain brand awareness

The synergy between the two media is the most coherent solution for a correct and widespread distribution of promotions, food and non-food.

4 Flying has been a leading player in this sector for years, both for the organisation of the production flow and for the development of IT solutions that automate the layout of flyers, both paper and digital.