Open-Inn Retail Award 2018: 4PACK is among the finalists

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4PACK has been selected among the finalist projects candidates for the Open-Inn Retail Award 2018, the award that intends to reward Open-Innovation projects able to give added value to Retail companies and to their customers' retail experience; the jury, after the pitch of the finalist candidates, will select the winner of this second edition 2018.

Regardless of the final result, we are proud to have been selected among projects able to add value to companies in the retail world: we have always believed that technology and innovation must support marketing and business strategy to facilitate flows and processes, efficiently distribute dynamic contents and involve the consumer in the experience of the product, which becomes global.

Packaging is one of the most important marketing levers of companies: for some, it is the only means used to convey value and content.

For this reason, its management represents a criticality that 4PACK deals with effectively and efficiently, transforming it into a SMART management, in line with the current process of digital transformation of processes and contents that characterizes the current industrial era 4.0

Open-Inn Retail Award is an initiative of Kiki Lab, the company founded by Fabrizio Valente that deals with consulting, research and training in the Retail mode, supported by several partners, including G2 Startups, who hosted us during presentation of projects, creating a stimulating and proactive meeting opportunity.