Smart Packaging, added value for the retail

The packaging market is constantly evolving

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As part of the conference organized on 17 January 2018 by Giga Publishing / BE-MA, in collaboration with BOLOGNAFIERE, we talked about how the packaging market is constantly evolving and is increasingly acquiring a "smart" approach, aware and interactive. Moira Fadini, chief marketing officer of 4 Flying, focused on the digitalization and management of content for packaging and labels, presenting the 4PACK platform, a software dedicated to the global management of packaging and product cards, developed by the eTEAM division, Digital Solution. 

This is a solution that accompanies marketing to Industry 4.0: the digitalisation of the processes and contents of packaging is a process that is increasingly involving manufacturers and distributors of branded products, both at the operational level and at the strategic level. 

At the conference some installations already in use were presented near important customers such as Vicenzi Spa and Despar Italia, which allow to manage the packaging on a digital level with significant time and budget advantages.

The entire article is available in the January / February issue of the magazine Rassegna Imballaggio