Smart working in 4 Flying

We deal with the Coronavirus emergency in an agile way, thanks to our collaborative platforms and cloud solutions. Want to know them?

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In these days of emergency Coronavirus the government has intervened to make more immediate the use of smart working, also defined as telework or agile work. The Prime Minister's decree allows, on an extraordinary basis and for the duration of the state of emergency (until 31 July 2020), the activation of smart working with a simplified procedure. 4 Flying has taken immediate steps to activate this mode of work and thus help to comply with the directives issued by the government and the advice of scientists. 

This was possible both for the technology infrastructure and for the use of collaborative platforms and cloud solutions.

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What is smart working? 

The Ministry of Labour defines it as a "mode of execution of subordinate work characterized by the absence of time or space constraints and an organization by phases, cycles and objectives, established by agreement between employee and employer".

It is a mode that according to the Smart Working Observatory of the School Of Management of the Politecnico di Milano makes smartworkers more satisfied with their work. Among the positive aspects reported by the managers involved in the Observatory, there is a greater responsibility for the achievement of results, an improvement in the effectiveness of work and the autonomous management of emergencies and a positive impact on the sharing of information and coordination.
At the same time, the worker manages to reconcile life and work time and the lack of commuting translates into less traffic, lower CO2 emissions, less flooded public transport ... a benefit for the whole community. Yet, the same Observatory, in 2019, recorded only 570 thousand agile workers, up 20% compared to the previous year, but the SME companies declared to be disinterested in the implementation of smart working.

Now it is possible to turn this crisis into an opportunity; in addition to a clear change of mentality, both on the part of workers and companies, appropriate tools and infrastructures are needed.
The development of our IT solutions has always been based on this principle: to put in collaboration with each other, in a single online work platform, several people resident and operational from different places, each with set levels of intervention.
This is how eTEAM, the software that centrally organizes all product information and media assets of the entire communication, and 4Pack, the vertical solution aimed mainly at the Food&Beverage sector and the packaging world.

They are solutions that have allowed us to be ready to face this emergency and an opportunity to be observed with great interest because, as the Smart Working Observatory says, this is a revolution that should not be stopped, a challenge towards the development of a new managerial culture that favours collaboration, autonomous organization of activities, accountability towards results and trust.

If you too want to take up this challenge and anticipate change, contact us, or take a look at our case histories of international companies that have already made it possible to share remote operational functions.